© Sarah Choo Jing. "Art of the Rehearsal" 2017.

Art of the Rehearsal


1. a practice or trial performance of a play or other work for later public performance.
2. the action or process of rehearsing.


Where theatre collapses is the place where “rehearsal” starts. “Rehearsal” is not a formal performance. Repeatable and likened to an ephemeral experiment, it can turn any social space into a theatre and vice versa. During practice, the theatre is no longer the domain of seeing and being seen, or a performance space that excludes real life reality. It is rather a space subjected to constant self-immersing, interruption and deconstruction. Rehearsing finds itself in the crossroads between the onstage and offstage, theatre and real life. Art of the Rehearsal is an immersive three-channel multimedia video installation by multidisciplinary artist Sarah Choo Jing. This panoramic artwork depicts traditional dancers across various cultures practicing along the back lanes of cultural districts in the city. Reflecting on the rigorous and intense training behind the performance, Choo seeks to bring out the consistent determination of the performers. The emphasis here is on the process rather than on the final outcome.

Chinese Dancers
First day shoot
Male dancer: Zeng Xiang
Female dancer : Lai Wei Xuan Vivien

Second day shoot
Male Dancer: Zheng Long
Female in red : Yip Jin Wen
Female in White: Lai Wei Xuan Vivien
Artistic Direction : Jenny Neo

Malay Dancers
Male Dancer : Dinie Dasuki Osman
Female Dancers : Noormaya Abdul Rasiad and Nurul Nursyamin Jamil
Artistic Direction : Osman Abdul Hamid
Indian Dancers

Day 1 shoot
Mohanapriyan Thavarajah
Meera Balasubramanian

Day 2 shoot
Mohanapriyan Thavarajah
Banupriya Ponnarasu
Sangeetha Venkitt
Artistic Direction : Aravinth Kumarasamy

Artistic Director
Sarah Choo Jing

Director Of Photography
Jeffrey Ang Poh Wee

First Camera Assistant
Marcus Tan

Second Camera Assistant
Leong Jean Anne
Data Wrangler
Adam A

Q Take Operator
Lee Chung Ming

King Li

Best Boy
Eric Tan

Eljin Tan
Oppa Ben Teaw

Key Grip
Malik Basar

Jason Tan
Abdul Siddiq

Photography Assistant
Jenson Lee

Makeup & Hair
Jasmine Wong

Production Assistant
Kelvin Yee

Nicholas Ng
Dylan Tan

Production Company
gsmprjct creation pte ltd

Executive Producer
Fiona Ng Suneson

Cyndi Lim

Music Composer
Teo Wei Yong

Infinite Studios

Cinegear Broadcast Pte Ltd
Cameraquip (S) Pte Ltd

Adeline Giam
Chiang Kang Enterprises Co (Pte) Ltd

Other Supports
AiVents Singapore Pte Ltd
Galmon (S) Pte Ltd
Thian Siang Engineering Pte Ltd
RadioQuip Communications Pte Ltd
Arthur J. Gallagher (Singapore) Pte Ltd
AE Models Pte Ltd

The Quiet Lab

VFX Supervisor
Colin Foo

Post Producer
Randi Tan

Mark Ng

Hendro Setyo

Andrew Kow
Eugene Tan


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